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DUBLIN, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Nearly one in five households in Ireland are renting their accommodation, according to latest data released on Thursday.

The latest Quarterly Rent Index, compiled by the think tank Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), showed that while Irish rents continue to rise, the rate of growth slowed in the third quarter, compared with the second quarter, and that the annualized rate of growth has also begun to slow.

The average monthly cost of renting a home in Dublin rose to 1,487 euros(1585.21 U.S. dollars) in the three months to the end of September, while the average cost in commuter counties outside Dublin was 864 euros a month, which is a 12 percent increase.

On an annual basis, rental growth in the Dublin market was 7.1 percent, while growth in rents for the market outside Dublin recorded an increases of 9.7 percent.

At a national level, annual growth was 8.6 percent in the third quarter and has averaged 9.2 percent so far this year.

This is particularly strong when compared to this time last year where average growth was 6.6 percent for the same period, according to the ESRI.

HONG KONG Kenny Golladay Jersey , Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- A ferry sailing from Macao to Hong Kong hit an object in waters near Lantau Island on Sunday, leaving 83 people injured, Hong Kong police.

The vessel was said to have taken on water and lost power following the accident shortly before 7 o'clock on Sunday evening.

Passengers described chaotic scenes as people stumbled around in the dark Teez Tabor Jersey , some bleeding and others with injuries to their arms and legs.

Boats were sent to the scene, while ambulances were put on standby at the Central Ferry Piers.

After arriving in Hong Kong, some of those hurt were given oxygen masks as they were taken to hospital.

The ferry Jarrad Davis Jersey , carrying 163 passengers and 11 crew members, was operated by Shun Tak China Travel Ship Management Limited.

So does NASCAR driver physical conditioning matter. Some would debate that drivers are not athletes but one must consider the conditions inside of a stock car race vehicle. The interiors of these cars are not designed for driver comfort with air conditioning and surround sound. Everything about a stock car is focused on speed not on comfort. So NASCAR driver physical conditioning must be such that it builds a drivers endurance to withstand some harsh conditions and Gforces. And, the NASCAR driver physical conditioning is very similar to athletes in other sports except different areas are built up.

The temperatures in the drives cockpit of a race car can reach around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine this temperature with a 500 lap race at 200 mph along with lack of air flow and you will see that NASCAR driver physical conditioning to build in endurance is critical. Plus Eric Ebron Jersey , a NASCAR driver will need to steer and maneuver a 3,400 pound vehicle around curves, other cars Haloti Ngata Jersey , and over bumps. This can cause a lot of impacting against the driver plus just the strain of controlling the steering wheel. Then there are the G forces that will result from banking turns at speeds close to 200 mph causing pressure on the drivers torso as it presses against the side of the vehicle.

Oxygen is a problem too. Since the cars are very aerodynamic so as to increase speed, the air is guided around the car but does not reach the inside. The drivers cockpit is not pressurized like an aircraft. So, the driver has to be able to process what oxygen he gets very efficiently. Therefore Darius Slay Jr Jersey , NASCAR driver physical conditioning will include aerobic exercises so as to optimize the processing of oxygen by the body.

Part of any good physical athletic training is the proper amount of nutrition and rest and NASCAR driver physical conditioning is no exception to this. By including the proper amount of nutrition and rest in NASCAR driver physical conditioning, the driver can maintaining alertness and quick reflexes which are crucial to a safe drive. Not getting the proper amount of rest can cause a driver to make mistakes which at 200 mph could be dangerous and even fatal.

Without the proper nutrition and rest in the drivers physical conditioning, a driver can become confused and disoriented during the race. This is especially true when combining the lack of air in the cockpit mixed with carbon monoxide fumes and tremendous G forces which cause disorientation as well. G forces can also affect vision but proper nutrition and vitamins combat against their effects.

NASCAR driver physical conditioning also includes weight training but not in order to build mass. The weight training performed by a driver is to build up strength for steering and breaking. It is also so that the drivers body can withstand the abuse from bouncing around and getting slammed from excessive Gforces.

NASCAR driver physical conditioning separates those who can make it for an entire racing event and those who would wear out during the qualification races. It is very important and the sport should be taken just as serious as any other professional sport.

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