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BANGKOK Lac Edwards Jersey , Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- Former Western leaders said Monday that Thailand's national reconciliation bids might be time- consuming and painstaking, which they believed would finally bear fruit for all Thai people.

Addressing a special forum entitled ''Uniting For the Future'' at a Bangkok hotel, former British prime minister Tony Blair said Thailand's reconciliation bids would take a long time and great patience among the opposing sides of society, following several years of political conflict and social division.

However, Blair said Steve McLendon Jersey , the ongoing reconciliation efforts might eventually succeed and benefit the Thai people as a whole.

"The most important factor for national reconciliation is to never step back, however painful and divided it might be. The national leadership must set out to do it with support from a majority of people...Without popular support, the reconciliation will be unlikely,''he said.

The former British leader suggested the Thai society need to review the attitudes towards democratic rule to the extent that it will not only rely on a majority vote in favor of the government but also respect the minority's views and that all sides will uphold and abide by the rule of law.

Blair said all previous happenings remain irreversible and can be taken as a lesson from which the Thais can learn and push toward the national reconciliation process, though it might be painstaking and difficult for the time being.

Blair said a prominent Thai figure will be needed to spearhead the reconciliation bid and bring the others to the negotiation table at which all talk should be carried out in ''sympathetic and straightforward''manner. He did not specifically recommend who should play the role of a leader in the reconciliation bid.

Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari said Thai reconciliation efforts might probably take more than 10 years' time to achieve and advised that all sides be ''flexible Robby Anderson Jersey , patient and sincere'' for the sake of the ultimate good of the country and people.

''One must skip over the past and make a better future. The reconciliation bid must be based upon mutual trusts...True reconciliation depends upon the will of the people and it can make a difference,'' said the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

He said all sectors of the divided society should step back today in order to move forward together tomorrow and see to it that the Thai society will get united toward the goal of national reconciliation.

Opening the special forum, Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said she deemed today's reconciliation bid ''a challenge to make a better, stable tomorrow for the Thai future generations.''

Yingluck said democratic rule will not only mean the majority- led rule by the government but the minority's views being taken into account and all Thais respecting each other's different attitudes.

She said the Thais will not simply skip over the past and will realize that political conflict, social division and lack of unity among themselves could virtually render the country apart.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (front C) leads his cabinet ministers as they attend a photo session at Abe's official residence in Tokyo Darryl Roberts Jersey , Japan, Aug. 3, 2017. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reshuffled his cabinet and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's (LDP) executive lineup on Thursday in a bid to restore public faith in a scandal-mired government. (XinhuaMa Ping)

TOKYO, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, amid growing public discontent and mistrust that saw his support rate plummet to historic lows Eric Tomlinson Jersey , made a cabinet reshuffle Thursday in a bid to recover confidence.

Abe picked a line up of veterans to serve in his new cabinet in a bid to fight shy of further controversies, which arose from a slew of scandals and gaffes involving himself and his ministers.

The prime minister's cabinet reshuffle Thursday was as much about damage control in the public's eyes as it was about picking the right lineup to see that solid policy visions are brought through to fruition.

He is also appeasing the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's party's inner factions, political watchers here said.


Abe's hand had been forced to some extent and his choices, both in terms of some of his new cabinet picks and executive party lineup choices, were to quash increased disquiet from within the LDP's factions.

If left unchecked Brandon Shell Jersey , the dissatisfaction within the LDP could further wreak havoc on Abe and his somewhat delicate administration, analysts say.

Former defense minister Tomomi Inada, a protege of Abe's who has being embroiled in multiple scandals, would have been ousted in the reshuffle had she not resigned last week, political experts have concurred.

"I'm not surprised to see Itsunori Onodera handed the defense minister's portfolio as he is a known entity to Abe as he will be serving in this capacity for a second time. At a time when Japan is dealing with regional geopolitical situations Wesley Johnson Jersey , the public has been incensed that Inada wasn't booted out earlier," political commentator and Shizuoka-based author Philip McNeil told Xinhua.

In the public's eyes, the defense ministry is now, ostensibly, in a "solid" pair of hands Jermaine Kearse Jersey , those of an experienced minister who has a proven track record, said McNeil.

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