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Throughout the preparations for the 2008 Games Youri Tielemans Belgien Trikot , Beijing's already high-level and robust health-care resources and services were significantly improved by doctors, nurses, medical professionals and a large number of medical volunteers, who have experience in delivering Games and large-event medical services.

This human legacy of 2008 was put in practice again in Harbin for the Winter Universiade in 2009 and in Nanjing 2014 and is currently contributing to an exchange program between Beijing and Zhangjiakou, potential host of the 2022 Winter Games' snow events.

Twenty-two first-class hospitals in Beijing and Zhangjiakou Zones will be designated as the 2022 hospitals, with more than 30 Kevin De Bruyne Belgien Trikot ,000 beds. These hospitals have all the relevant departments including sports injury, orthopedics, neurosurgery and rehabilitation. They also have long-experience in treating patients and injuries, particularly relating to winter sports.

In addition to that, the Beijing WADA-Accredited Anti-Doping Laboratory already has the most advanced technology, equipment and highly skilled and experienced staff. China has long experience in delivering doping control programs Axel Witsel Belgien Trikot , and the China Anti-Doping Agency has extensive experience in working together, in a successful partnership with the IOC Medical Commission and with WADA.

In terms of accommodation, Beijing is one of the world's top destinations for tourism and business with world-class hotels and services, most of which were tried and tested during the 2008 Games and fully satisfy IOC requirements with the existing room supply.

In 2014, Beijing welcomed over 260 million tourists, while Zhangjiakou is an emerging winter tourist destination with fast growing hospitality and leisure industries. It has an increasing number of high-level business and tourist hotels with rapidly improving service standards Jan Vertonghen Belgien Trikot , learning from Beijing's experience.

Finally, Beijing boasts an experienced team that was involved in the successful marketing programs of previous Games. They have a strong understanding of both the Chinese market and the marketing rules set by the IOC and IPC.

Based on past experience, Beijing 2022 can ensure that we will meet our revenue targets, secure the best returns for our commercial partners, ensure full stadia with amazing atmosphere and ensure that all the IOC's and IPC's rules are fully respected, to deliver successful marketing programs for Beijing 2022.

"Our people are our biggest value and legacy. We are confident that with the passion and the experience of the Chinese people Leander Dendoncker Belgien Trikot , Beijing can not only deliver a successful Olympic Winter Games, but also boost development of winter sports in China and across the world, and set up a new model of sustainable development for the mutual benefit of our country and the Olympic Movement," said Wang Hui.

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