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French presidential far-right candidate Marine Le Pen fought off accusations of plagiarism on Tuesday as supporters of her rival Emmanuel Macron warned that a high abstention rate could hurt his chances of victory.

It emerged that Le Pen had copied parts of a fiery speech she made Monday from one made about two weeks earlier by one-time conservative candidate Francois Fillon A.J. Green Jersey , the former frontrunner who was eliminated in the first round of the election.

In an address on April 15, Fillon made specific mention of the geography of France's borders, paid tribute to the French language and spoke of a third "French way" for the 21st century.

Analysis by the Ridicule TV YouTube channel showed Le Pen repeated these passages almost verbatim from Fillon's speech.

Florian Philippot, the vice president of Le Pen's National Front (FN) party, said it was "not plagiarism" Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Hats , but "a nod to a short passage in a speech about France".

Le Pen's spokesman David Rachline said the copied passages in the speech were "appreciated by Fillon's voters."

Just days ahead of Sunday's run-off, 39-year-old Macron remains the frontrunner in the race with polls predicting a 19-point lead, putting him on track to become France's youngest president.

Amid concerns in his camp that a high abstention rate could help Le Pen's chances, company bosses, celebrities and scientific researchers called in newspaper editorials for people to vote for Macron.

Macron's economically liberal approach worries many voters on the left. While they will not back Le Pen Cheap Cincinnati Bengals T-Shirts , many say they will stay at home rather than vote for him.

Opinion polls say abstention could be as high as 30 percent, higher than in recent presidential elections, as the "Neither-nor" camp gains strength.

NEW YORK, April 18 (Xinhua) -- A former marathoner in the United Sates kept exposing marathon cheats across the globe on the blog, catching at least 15 runners cheating in Boston Marathon race on Monday.

Derek Murphy Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Hoodie , a business analyst who was once a marathon runner, started his monitoring after he occasionally featured a high-profile cheating scandal in a big race, according to BBC News.

"There was so much tension from those specific cases, I just wondered how many other people cheated," said Murphy.

He caught those cheaters by looking at missed split times in public race results Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey , and peering into other clues like suspiciously fast race times, starting line and finish line photos, and bystander video footage recorded at races.

Among his investigations, there are many forms of cheating in a marathon. Some cut a few miles out of their qualifying race. Others give their racing bib to someone a bit faster. In rare cases, people pay to have their results altered.

"When it comes to qualifying for Boston Cheap Cincinnati Bengals Jerseys , we rely on the race organizers and timing systems they employ to produce accurate results, and we also rely on the honesty and integrity of 99.99 percent of competitors who compete fairly in pursuit of their personal records," Murphy was quoted as saying by BBC.

Murphy thought the actual number of cheaters is higher than the 0.01 percent cited by the officials, but still a small percentage.

On his blog and social media page, some people criticized his investigation Clayton Fejedelem Limited Jersey , saying he paid too much attention on those amateur runners.

Murphy hopes that more honest runners with qualifying times near the cut-off will be able to run the race because of his analysis.

China, Vietnam to hold joint fishery inspection

China's first cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1 to be launched

Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway under construction

NW China's Dunhuang receives some 1.13 mln tourists in Q1

In pics: scenery of Baiyangdian in Xiongan New Area

In pics: tea garden in central China's Henan

Peach blossoms on terrace fields in Guyuan, NW China's Ningxia

Stewardesses for high-speed train take part in training program in Harbin

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