Lock-up shares worth about 47.1 billion yuan

LAGOS Alessandro Plizzari AC Milan Jersey , Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- As part of its corporate social responsibility, Seven Star Farms Nigeria Ltd, a company started by a Chinese businessman, has been putting smiles on the faces of hundreds of young Nigerian youths via creating job opportunities.

Founded by Eric Ni Meng Xiao, who arrived in Nigeria in 2003 and started a business selling shoes, the company with a proven interest in large-scale agricultural projects Alessandro Guarnone AC Milan Jersey , has been empowering young citizens of the West African nation on how to use the vast amounts of fertile land in their country.

Seven Star is located along the Agbara-Lusada road in southwest Nigeria's Ogun State in a quite community devoid of any form of commercial activity.

The farm which covers about 30 hectares is full of both the young and old, with the younger generation making up the larger population.

Assisted by a group of Chinese farmers, the farm is reputed for producing a range of fresh vegetables, eggplant, pepper and fruits.

"I came to Nigeria in 2003 to do shoe business, I was importing to shoes from China Suso Jersey , until the Nigerian government placed a ban on it, but we have bought this land to set up a factory," Ni told Xinhua in an interview.

The farmer said providing employment for the teeming youths could be challenging, especially in areas where they are restive and criminality like in every other community.

"I was a farmer in China, but came to Nigeria to do business, so when the government restriction came Riccardo Montolivo Jersey , I thought it wise to do what I know how to do best and that is farming," he said.

Ni, who says Nigeria is like China, said his goal is to encourage local youths to embrace the culture of agriculture, which according to him, would reduce unemployment among Nigerian youths and supply the Nigerian market with agricultural products.

"I am doing this to help reduced unemployment. We also works for Nigeia and foreigners Ricardo Rodriguez Jersey , and this country (Nigeria) is also like my country (China), as long we are here together, we can help each other," he added.

The company's main customers are Chinese companies, hotels and local supermarkets operating in Lagos, Nigeria's business center Patrick Cutrone Jersey , he said.

"For this vegetables here, we supply for some Chinese companies, supermarkets and also some Nigerians come around and buy from here. Most of Nigerians in China like Chinese vegetable mostly fresh ones like this," he said.

The chairman told Xinhua that he making moves to expand the farms operation into Lagos, along the Lekki Free Trade Zone area to make the business more commercially valuable.

"We have interest to do farming in some southwest states, where we would buy hectares of land and we hope to bring in even more commercial crops for this second phase of the farm Niccolo Zanellato Jersey ," he said.

"We now have more than 100 temporary local employees and we hope to continue growing that number," he added.

Many residents praise Ni for his vision and charitable zeal toward the youths of the community.

Yusuf Garuba, a secondary school student who was seen busy at the farm cultivating, said he took up the job because he did not stay home and do nothing.

"The reason am working here is just for me not stay home and do nothing, so I came here to keep myself busy," he added.

Another worker who gave his name as Obinna Johnson expressed satisfaction that the Chinese farmers gave him the opportunity to work and learn as well.

"I have learn so many things Mattia De Sciglio Jersey , how to plant, farm, many other things and how to achieve something from the owner of the company," Johnson told Xinhua.

Nigeria's agricultural sector has taken a back seat since the country started producing oil more than five decades ago.

Nigeria has the largest population and biggest economy in Africa, but it imports almost all of its food.

You are probably aware of the many benefits of salmon, but when you're at the local fish market are you aware of the differences between Atlantic and Pacific salmon? Other than the obvious geographical separation Matteo Gabbia Jersey , there is one fundamental difference between the fish.

The salmon is renowned for it's tragic life cycle. The fish are born in freshwater but then migrate to the open saltwater of the oceans to live their adult lives. When salmon are ready to spawn, they return to familiar freshwater hardwired by imprint or a keen sense of smell. We have all seen salmon swim valiantly upstream only to spawn and then die. But do they really? The Pacific salmon does meet its unfortunate demise but the Atlantic salmon does indeed live to spawn another day.

The question to ask now is whether or not there's a nutritional difference between Pacific and Atlantic salmon. The answer is yes but perhaps it is more a function of mankind's interference or intervention depending on your point of view.

Because salmon is such a popular fish, commercial fish farms have been set up to meet the demand of the public. It has been estimated that greater than 99% of Atlantic salmon sold in world wide fish markets are farmed versus greater than 80% of Pacific salmon are wild-caught.

The free swimming Pacific salmon are found to have less contaminants and dioxins than its farmed Atlantic counterpart. However, Atlantic salmon do contain more essential omega-3 fatty acids. The health benefits of this fatty acid include cardiovascular and neurological benefits among many others.

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