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- Bench Press

Another optional piece of home exercise equipment is the bench press. Bench presses are great ways to increase your strength. They are not necessary because you can get a similar workout from pushups and other workouts with dumbbells, but bench presses are more effective than the other two methods when it comes to improving your overall muscle mass and size in a relatively short time frame.

- Stair Stepper

Treadmills are great, but they do not always help you reach the heart rate you want or get the leg muscles you are looking for. Machines that simulate walking up stairs do a very good job at that, especially if you have trouble running (due to leg injuries or leg pain). They are also very easy to use regularly http://www.jazzprostore.com/Cheap-John-Stockton-Jazz-Jersey/ , so they are a good piece of equipment to pick up if you have the extra strength.

- Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are large weighted balls that have a whole variety of workouts that are less stressful than some of the dumbbell workouts. In addition to doing a great job at improving muscles with your workout, medicine balls make you look really cool. Don't underestimate that aspect either.

- Punching Bags

Many people work out to relieve stress in addition to improving their health and muscles. Punching bags are known to release stress as well, and they are a lot of fun when you need a break from your standard muscle building workout.

All of these pieces of home gym equipment are optional in the sense that there are other exercises that you can do instead of them and still get the same benefits. However, just because those exercises exist doesn't mean they are for everyone. All of those optional machines can be useful for making your workout more fun or getting more out of the workout that you are doing.
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